Speaker: Pete Herzog

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Security Testing Security Sunday Janson 10:00 00:45

Pete Herzog

Pete is the Managing Director of the open, security research organization ISECOM and is best known as the creator of the OSSTMM and the Hacker Highschool project.

Originally from New York, he now lives near Barcelona, Spain where he teaches the OSSTMM Professional Security Tester and Analyst courses at La Salle University.

Pete started from a practical security background doing undercover sting work for convenient stores and gas stations at age 18. By age 23, he had worked instructing practical security in fraud, embezzlement, theft, and corruption before nearly exclusively entering the then nascent field of Internet security. His focus has always been on making sense of security; the same mission as the non-profit organization he manages.

An avid reader, writer, and traveler, Pete can be found with his family deep in National Park or other wilderness retreat when not taking things apart.