Speaker: Paul Everitt

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Plone 3.0 Web Sunday Chavanne 10:00 00:45

Paul Everitt

Paul is the executive director of the Plone Foundation and co-founder of Zope.

Paul is the founder of Zea and serves as the Product Leader, defining the strategy, offerings, and marketing for Zea. Paul is the executive director of the Plone Foundation, which started activities in June 2004. He participates actively in international conferences promoting open source and CMS, including keynote presentations and publicity.

In 1993, Rob Page and Paul Everitt co-founded Digital Creations, the precursor of Zope Corporation. Paul served in a number of positions, including Vice President of Products, CEO, and Chief Strategy Officer. Through his tenure, Paul helped the transition of Zope from a proprietary application server to a leading open source solution, including 3 rounds of venture capital in excess of $14M.

Prior to Zope Corporation, Paul was an officer in the United State Navy. He was in charge of software offerings within a department focused on business use of Internet technology. Oriented on services and efficiency, the department became financially self-sustainable. In the process, Paul launched www.navy.mil in 1993 as one of the first thousand public websites in the world.

Paul received a degree in materials engineering from the University of Florida in 1990. Married, father of 2, Paul is based in Fredericksburg, Virginia.