Speaker: Matthew Gertner

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
AllPeers: Experiences with Mozilla and Future Plans Mozilla Sunday H.1309 09:00 00:45

Matthew Gertner

Matthew Gertner is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AllPeers.

Matthew Gertner is the Chief Technology Officer of AllPeers.

He’s a Brit by birth, an American by upbringing and a European by choice, having spent the last 13 years living in Paris, Hamburg and Prague (where he now resides).

Matthew has degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics and a strong interest in understanding the inner workings of the human mind and how to emulate wetware using software. In his professional persona he's first and foremost a software developer, mainly in C++ although he's written some large applications in Java and C#.

Occasionally he's also forced to interact with other people. When not working, Matthew is an avid cook and a dangerously obsessive player of backgammon and golf.