Speaker: Manuel Arostegui

Manuel Arostegui

Manuel Arostegui is developer of the Pandora Free Monitoring System and of the Babel Enterprise Free Auditing System project

Manuel Arostegui is a worker of the company called Artica Soluciones Tecnologicas where Babel Enterprise, as well as Pandora Free Monitoring System is being developed.

He is also a opensuse and Fedora Core developer and maintainer of some packages such as: Cherokee (WebServer developed by Alvaro Lopez Ortega (Sun Microsystem), Ircha, PandoraFMS (Pandora Server, Pandora, Agents, Pandora Web Console), Babel Enterprise Free Auditing System (Babel Server, Babel Agents, Babel Web Console).

He is also one of the administrator of [www.todo-linux.com], which is one of the most visited Linux sites by spaniards and people from South America.