Speaker: Jos van den Oever

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Semantic KDE KDE Saturday H.1301 14:00 00:45
Strigi internals CrossDesktop Sunday H.1302 10:00 00:45

Jos van den Oever

Jos contributed to the Kat search engine project and currently is part of the kde-nepomuk project.

Jos van den Oever studied molecular sciences and currently works in bioinformatics. He has used his long experience as a C++ programmer and KDE user to improve the search engine Kat. After development of this project stopped, he decided to start a more ambitious project then the previous small programs he has written for KDE. He hopes his ideas and code will be picked up by many projects and tries to make it as fast, small and modular as possible for this purpose. In addition, he uses his experience in semantic technologies to collaborate in the kde-nepomuk project.