Speaker: Holger Sickenberg

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Testing the openSUSE distribution openSUSE Saturday H.1308 18:30 00:30

Holger Sickenberg

Holger is the QA Engineer in charge of openSUSE testing.

Holger Sickenberg has 11 years in the industry and 5 years working for the Quality Assurance (QA) of SUSE Linux in Nuremberg, Germany.

During his study of Computer Science at the Fachhochschule Nuremberg, he had his first contact with Linux. After his apprenticeship as a Software Developer, Holgi worked for the Linux development team of Caldera in Erlangen, Germany. When the United Linux project was initiated in 2002 he joined SUSE Linux.

He has been involved in testing Linux systems for 7 years and at SUSE. In the past his focus has been in developing testing applications. Today he is responsible for tests on the Intel Itanium® Processor Family (IPF/IA64) platform and for openSUSE testing.

Private, as an volunteer of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), he is responsible for the World Scout Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI). Organized by him one weekend per year worldwide about 500,000 Scouts get in contact with each other via the Internet.