Speaker: H D Moore

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Metasploit Framework Security Sunday Janson 11:00 00:45

H D Moore

HD Moore is the creator of the Metasploit hack tool and the security researcher behind the MoBB (Month of Browser Bugs) project.

HD Moore is Director of Security Research at BreakingPoint Systems where he focuses on the security testing features of the BreakingPoint product line.

Prior to joining BreakingPoint, HD co-founded Digital Defense, a managed security services firm, where he developed the vulnerability assessment platform and lead the security research team.

HD is the founder of the Metasploit Project and one of the core developers of the Metasploit Framework, the leading open-source exploit development platform.

In his spare time, HD searches for new vulnerabilities, develops security tools, and contributes to open-source security projects.