Speaker: Frank Sundermeyer

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Documentation: Lessons for Lizards openSUSE Sunday H.1308 12:45 00:45

Frank Sundermeyer

Frank is a technical writer at Novell and a member of the openSUSE core team.

Frank joined SUSE in 1996 as the webmaster. Until suse.com has been integrated into existing Novell servers he was responsible for the larger part of the SUSE webservers, the content management system, and everything else web related. Besides he did several other jobs at SUSE: product management, marketing, presales, ... .

Currently Frank works as a technical writer in the SUSE documentation team. He also is a member of the openSUSE core team being responsible for the wiki. Together with Thomas Schraitle he coordinates the Lessons for Lizards project.