Speaker: Francis Giannaros

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
openSUSE Community openSUSE Sunday H.1308 12:00 00:45

Francis Giannaros

Francis Giannaros is an openSUSE Community member (not employed by Novell/SUSE) who is passionate about free software, and particularly interested in openSUSE.

Francis Giannaros is a Mathematics and Philosophy undergraduate studying at King's College London; it is a joint honours course, and he is in his second year now.

He is quite passionate about free software, and is mostly involved with ongoings in the openSUSE distribution and community. He is working on pulling together, along with many others, the openSUSE Community. A big part of this is demonstrated through openSUSE-Community.org, which is an effort to bring all openSUSE community projects under a community tent.