Speaker: Federico Mena Quintero

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Profiling Desktop Applications Development and Languages Sunday Chavanne 16:00 00:45

Federico Mena Quintero

Federico is one of the founders of the GNOME Project and currently works on the GNOME Performance Project, amongst other things.

Federico is one of the founders of the GNOME Project.

Before that, he worked as maintainer of the GIMP. In the early days of GNOME he was responsible for some of the original code and documentation for the GNOME libraries, games, and applications. He worked at Red Hat Labs on the GNOME 1.x desktop, and later at Ximian on the Evolution calendar.

After working on Evolution, Federico specialized in the core desktop: the GTK+ toolkit, the GNOME platform libraries, and the Nautilus file manager. Federico started the GNOME Performance project during the 2005 GNOME Summit in Boston. He currently works for Novell, Inc., where he takes care of the administration tools for GNOME.

Federico enjoys cooking together with his wife, and dislikes having to use different chargers for every electronic gadget out there.