Speaker: Fabian Groffen

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Gentoo/Alt:Prefix Project Gentoo Saturday AW1.124 17:00 01:00

Fabian Groffen

Fabian is the main developer on the Gentoo/Alt:Prefix project.

Before joining Gentoo, he was working on the MonetDB database system next to some other small projects. In his early days there, he was reponsible for redesigning the communication protocol and implementing a high performance JDBC driver.

He joined Gentoo mid 2005 as developer for the Mac OS X project, of which he soon became the project lead. Driven by his fascination for alternative operating systems, Fabian initiated the Gentoo Prefixed Portage project.

Currently, the Prefixed Portage project takes all of Fabian's attention within Gentoo. In his real life, he is a PhD student at the Dutch Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science located in Amsterdam (CWI).

Fabian lives in The Netherlands, where he was born and raised.