Speaker: Discussion Panel

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Open Hardware Manager Embedded Sunday AW1.126 13:00 01:00

Discussion Panel

The discussion panel will try to guide the discussion and consists of people who are used to deal with Embedded Linux and/or power management.

Richard Hughes is a regular GNOME contributor and is mostly know for gnome-power-manager.

Michael Lauer is germany located IT-freelancer and author, specialized in Embedded Linux Design and Development. In 2003, he co-founded OpenEmbedded and became maintainer of the well-known OpenZaurus Linux Distribution. He is currently working for FIC on the design and the development of the OpenMoko Mobile Phone platform.

Philippe De Swert is a GPE and Emdebian contributor as well as being involved in OpenEmbedded at times. Also he has been responsible for co-ordinating the FOSDEM embedded room. He currently works for Nokia on the open internet tablets (Nokia 770 an n800).

Liam Girdwood is an all round embedded hacker who has worked on the kernel, ALSA, and several other embedded projects. Currently he is employed by Wolfson Microelectronics.

Sampsa Fabritius works for Nokia and has been dealing with power management for years. Recently he has been responsible for co-ordinating the power and device management on the Nokia's Linux based internet tablets.