Speaker: Aaron Brashears

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Second Life X.org Sunday AW1.121 13:00 01:00

Aaron Brashears

Aaron has been hacking computers for more than 20 years and designing and implementing business and entertainment software for more than 10.

Aaron has been a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information for the last 7 years to provide free, non-judgmental, accurate sex information and train supervisors on the phone and email switchboard. For the last 4 years, he has helped shaped the vision of ownership, privacy, and security in "Second Life," Linden Lab's award- winning, user-created digital world. The "Second Life" platform is frequent playground for thousands of active creators of games, socialization experiences, and frequent adult entertainment. Aaron was also a key member in the development of Burningman's net based collaborative volunteer and work tool. Aaron holds an Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics from Cal Berkeley.