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[ 18-12-2004 ]
Speakers' bio

Let's discover today 3 speakers :
  • Benoit Minisini, who is the author of Gambas
  • Gerald Combs, author of Ethereal
  • Alexander Dymo, who is working hard on kdevelop

    Interviews for these speakers will be available later ... so stay tuned !
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    [ 15-12-2004 ]
    Lightning Talks @ Fosdem2005: Call for papers

    About Lightning Talks

    A Lightning Talk is a very short presentation of a software project in 15 minutes maximum. So the presentation should be very sharp, small and clear. Presentations only about free software projects will be accepted. The presentation should be presented in English.

    Submit your project

    You can submit your proposal of presentation by email or by editing the wiki page.
    There is no deadline for submissions, so people are encouraged to register their talks as soon as possible. The dealine for submitting slides is Friday 25feb@13h.

    More infos

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    [ 14-12-2004 ]
    Speakers' list

    Below is the awaited list ... but there is another really good news for the FOSDEMers : You will have the opportunity to contribute to the speakers interviews ! If there is a question you always wanted to ask to one (or several) of the speakers, then feel free to mail us using the links below.
    The most interesting questions will be included in our interviews and published on the web.

    Here is the long-awaited list of speakers for the main tracks :

    Speakers' bio and abstracts will be online soon.
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    [ 01-12-2004 ]
    Email alert

    This feature has been disabled for everybody, but you can activate it in your profile. But you have to provide a valid email address : at least 200 people have mentionned fake addresses, reason why we've disabled this.
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    [ 20-11-2004 ]
    FOSDEM 2005

    Here is an overview of what will be covered during this edition :
  • Distribution packaging : talks on the various tools used in distribution for packaging programs
  • Kernel : core kernels talks
  • Desktop : future of the Linux desktop
  • Cluster/GRID : talks about different Cluster & GRID tools
  • Security : what's new in the security world
  • Developement Tools : presentation of OSS DevTools

    Stay tuned, as this year, you will have to contribute to FOSDEM ! More information available soon ...

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