Fosdem Hakin9
2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting




[05-07-2005 06:53] n/a Oliver Ducard

Good stuff.

[21-06-2005 05:08] Nepal nirvik jung basnet

i love this side

[11-05-2005 08:45] Peru Julio Cesar Garcia Mori

Excellent metting,

It was a very good conferences.

See you next year.

[23-04-2005 03:26] Togo Javanoid 2

Hey yall,
I didn't like Fosdem a whole lot... i just wanted the great tasting green peanuts, thats all. All my Togo Homies say "yo" "wats happenin in the foshizal".
Yours Truly,
Gangsta Fruidhal

[06-04-2005 08:40] India Siddharth Shantilal Parakh

I could not be for the actual show but...I enjoyed the virtual experience.

[01-04-2005 20:38] Togo MUGU MUGU


[18-03-2005 20:38] Germany Dalibor Topic

Thanks a lot for having us! The organisation was great, and the even just blew us away as we always had a packed room with a standing crowd in the GNU Classpath room.


[11-03-2005 12:56] United Kingdom Steven Goodwin

Great time as usual. I've included my own diary of the event here:

[08-03-2005 20:06] Sweden Ulf Härnhammar

This was my first FOSDEM, but I liked it so I hope it won't be the last!

[03-03-2005 09:11] India mr amar singh sidhu

You conference is most usefulkl for the attendancee. i read so many news about the fosdem. but i cannot attend the conference due to unavailbility of issue of invitation letter from your side for visas. it should be issued by you but you are take responsibility for the same. i cannot find out the proper way to link you i send so may e mails to you but you could not reply the same. this facts is a degrade the delegates. please reply for future events to be come and you should proper way to link every delegate with by e mail and you sahould open a office at the side of meetings.

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