2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Stuart Winter

Slackware & slacktrack


Stuart Winter is the official Slackware packaging expert. He is the author of slacktrack (a utility for creating Slackware packages by tracking a 'make install') and a long time contributor to the Slackware project.

Stuart works as a Linux systems administrator for an open source company in Surrey, UK. In his spare time Stuart also develops an unofficial port of Slackware to ARM based desktop machines.

The focus of Stuart's talk will be on Slackware packages: how the packages are structured and how they are built.

The discussion will then introduce the methods used to build the official Slackware packages, and will provide some tips and tricks for building packages for distribution.
Contact stuart [at} polplex {dot) co (dot} uk
Talk slides slackware.sxi

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