2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Marius Mauch

Geento emerge


gentoo / emerge
Marius is a CS student at the University of Bremen currently involved in a project to develop a new type of embedded train control systems. Besides that he works on several aspects of the Gentoo project, most of them related to their portage package management system but also maintaining a few packages and helping with user support.

He will start with a short summary about package managing in general and available implementations, then he'll go on with some aspects of our current portage implementation like USE flags and ebuild syntax and how it benefits users and maintainers. The main focus though will be about a few major problems they still have and how they are planning to solve them, and in the end he'll give a outlook on a few goals we have for future portage versions (both short and long term).
Contact genone (at] gentoo [dot) org
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