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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Olivier Fourdan



Olivier Fourdan is the project founder of Xfce ( which was started in late 1996.

He started his carrer as an IT production engineer, also worked in Web developpement, embedded Linux, a bit a video on demand with Linux and for now he's currently working as a 2nd level support on various development tool.

He has started with Linux in 1994, when a student. His first Linux distribution was Yggdrasil Plug'n Play Linux Fall 1994 but I guess very few have ever heard of it (from webmaster : this was also mine !)

In late 1996, after playing two years with Linux, he was still missing the GUI he wanted. Basically, FVWM was the window manager of choice at that time, and he couldn't find a simple easy app launcher that could be customized without learning and editing configuration files.

Nowadays, Xfce still takes the vast majority of his spare time, coding and preparing releases. The rest of his time is spent between work and taking care of his little family, wife and kids.
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