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News [ 03-01-2005 ]
Welcome to the Mozilla developers' room

You'll find more information about that developers' room within days

This is the place for Mozilla developers

News [ 14-01-2005 ]
Mozilla Developer Room shaping up

We actually start with organizing the Mozilla Developer Room. Most of the tracks will be focused on Mozilla development, including new architecture plans, localisations, project management and other tasks. But we're tempted to do a Q&A session as well.

I (Axel Hecht) will once again organize the Mozilla Developers room. With the huge boost of interest in the project due to the releases of Firefox and Thunderbird 1.0, we anticipate a lot of interest in our future directions. I expect to have talks on l10n as well as the planning for our upcoming releases just as well as tech demos of our latest gimmicks.

In contrast, I see us doing a general Q&A, targeted more to the general audience and interested parties.

If you want to give a talk, drop me a line at axel et pike dot org.

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