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News [ 31-01-2005 ]
Welcome to the GNUstep developers' room

This is the developers' room for the GNUstep project (

In this developers' room you will find GNUstep developers, Objective-C fans, and other projects using GNUstep.

GNUstep is a cross-platform, object-oriented framework for desktop application development. Based on the OpenStep specification originally created by NeXT (now Apple), GNUstep enables developers to rapidly build sophisticated software by employing a large library of reusable software components. GNUstep is used in production environments at several organizations.

GNUstep itself is not an operating system, window manager or desktop environment, though there are several desktop environments in development that are based on it. More informations here.

We will have a series of talks during the weekend (check the schedule) as well as informal discussions about GNUstep and its future. If you want to discover GNUstep, or see a presentation of the development tools, this is the place to be !

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