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News [ 22-02-2005 ]
Several talks and tutorials are going to take place in the GNOME developer room.

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A Quick tour or recent GIMP developments

by Raphael Quinet

This presentation will include a quick tour of some of the new features
that have been added to GIMP 2.2 and an introduction to the latest
developments on the way to 2.4. Among the topics presented: new
previews for the transform tools and many plug-ins, drag-and-drop and
copy-and-paste between the GIMP and other applications, improved support
for EXIF and other metadata (including a metadata editor), better
integration with GNOME (HIG-ified dialogs, recently used files), the new
script interpreter Tiny-Fu, several new plug-ins and improved tools.

A presentation of the last features and the planned developments of libxml2 and libxslt

by Daniel Veillard

Libxml2 and libxslt have gone a long way. This presentation will focus
on the last features that have been developped recently and on
the improvements that are planned for the near future.

An in depth presentation of Flumotion

By Thomas Van der Stichele

Flumotion is a GPL streaming media server written in Python.
It is distributed and component-based: every step in the streaming
process (production, conversion, consumption) can be run inside a
separate process on separate machines.
This talk will present the design, features and planned developments of
the project.

GStreamer, the road ahead

By Wim Taymans

GStreamer is a general purpose multimedia framework started in 1999.
The project is slowly gaining more acceptance as the main multimedia
framework for the gnome desktop and various embeded solutions. Because
more applications demand more features and expose more problems the need
for a redesign rose. In this talk we want to explain some of the
problems that exist in the current GStreamer design and what attempts
are being undertaken to solve them.

Software Engineering research on the GNOME project

By Gregorio Robles

This talk is about the software engineering studies that
academia has performed on GNOME in the last years. Findings, results and
interesting analyses like social networks, software evolution,
collaboration inequality, developer integration, developer
territoriality, etc. will be shown. There will also be some time for
presenting and discussing the tools and methods that have been used for

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