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News [ 13-02-2005 ]
Schedule online

The schedule for Saturday and Sunday is now available.

There are short pauses between the presentations and a larger break around lunch so that visitors can change rooms, ask questions or watch the different hardware we bring along.

News [ 13-02-2005 ]
Gentoo's largest meeting

More than 25 Gentoo developers from nine countries will meet at Fosdem.

This is the first time that so many Gentoo developers come together on one event. Thanks to Fosdem organisators we have an own Developers' Room for communication and a lot of presentations. We will bring along hardware for quite every supported architecture, provide an rsync and distfiles mirror for the Intranet, sell Gentoo CDs and some merchandising stuff.

Every user and interested person is welcome to visit us in our Developers' room for questions and brainstorming.

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