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News [ 11-01-2005 ]
Welcome to the Clustering developers' room

You'll find more information about that developers' room within days

If you think one computer is not enough, this is the good place !

News [ 17-01-2005 ]
Call For Participation , Cluster room at Fosdem 2005

This year Fosdem will have a Developers room dedicated to Clustering in general.

Therefore we are looking for people willing to share their
experiences/knowledge with different Clustering technologies
(HPC,HA,Grid etc..) either as a as talk, workhop, BOF etc.

If you have ideas, for this event please let us know.

Contact Kris Buytaert (

News [ 31-01-2005 ]
Announcing some topics

As we are finalising our schedule one thing is sure,
sunday will be Clusterday, as our talks will be followed by the general Clustering track.

This years Cluster Devroom at Fosdem wil focus mainly at SSI Clustering.
We will have a couple of presentations about openMosix and Kerrighed.

News [ 18-02-2005 ]
Final Schedule Published

The final schedule for the Fosdem Cluster Devroom has been published.

The Devroom conference schedule starts saturday afternoon at 14u00 and will end
sunday at lunch.. This in order not to conflict with the main Cluster / Grid track.

Among the speakers are Moshe Bar (openMosix) and Renaud Lottiaux (Kerrighed)

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