2004 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Hans Reiser



Hans Reiser is the architect of Reiser4 The Atomic Filesystem for Linux. In 1993 he started Namesys, and hired a team of russian programmers to implement a filesystem providing a suitable storage layer for semantics effective for semi-structured data querying. This storage layer, after 10 years of work, turned out to emulate traditional filesystems faster than traditional filesystems, and is now called Reiser4 the Atomic Filesystem. Semi-structured data querying will be the next task in the ReiserFS project.

Reiser4 is a filesystem that stores files in trees. Trees scale better to large sizes of directories and files than conventional filesystems. They also scale better to small sizes, because they avoid wasting space due to block alignment. Reiser4 implements all filesystem operations using atomic operations, and does this without performance penalty due to the use of wandering logs. This technology is designed to provide the foundation for implementing support for semi-structured data queries, and competing with WinFS. Reiser4 is currently the fastest filesystem for IO bound tasks that are not fsync intensive. More information can be found at
Contact reiser (at) namesys com

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