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Dominique Colnet



Dominique Colnet is Professor at the University of Nancy 2. As a member of the DESIGN project, Dominique Colnet is also involved in the design and the implementation of the Isaac Operating system , a new operating system using a new prototype-based technology.

Dominique COLNET is the one who initiated the SmartEiffel project in Summer 1994. His goal was to create an inexpensive, bug-free advanced Eiffel compiler, unlike those already available on the market.
He has been the head of this project as well as its key designer and implementor since then.

SmartEiffel The GNU Eiffel compiler is the fastest and the slimmest multi-platform Eiffel compiler on Earth! SmartEiffel was formerly named SmallEiffel.
Contact Dominique Colnet (at) loria fr

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