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2004 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Florent Benoit



Florent Benoit is one of the key JOnAS developers. He received a master in Computer Science from the University of Grenoble. He is an expert in J2EE, and has developed critical JOnAS components such as the web container with integration of Tomcat or Jetty, the security service, the deployment features, ...


JOnAS (Java[TM] Open Application Server) is an open source J2EE[TM] platform developed by the ObjectWeb international consortium ( ObjectWeb aims at providing open source middleware components of industrial quality, ranging from "technical components" as ORBs, Message Oriented Middlewares, Transaction Monitors, persistence frameworks, to platforms like J2EE, CORBA CCM, ...

After a very short introduction to the ObjectWeb Consortium, the presentation describes the JOnAS architecture, based on the concept of service, its support of critical J2EE features such as transactions (JTA[TM]), asynchronous messaging (JMS[TM]), persistence, and connectivity to Enterprise Information Systems (J2EE CA[TM]). Important topics such as server and application management, interoperability, security, clustering and web services will also be addressed. A status of the J2EE 1.4 certification process, and some operational use examples will be provided. JOnAS is developed upon open source components from Objectweb and from other organizations as Apache. ObjectWeb components are CAROL for RMI multi-protocol support, JORAM for JMS implementation, JORM & MEDOR for persistence support, JOTM for transaction management, SPEEDO for JDO support and C-JDBC for Database clustering. Some of the Apache components are Tomcat for the Web container, Apache and mod_jk for HTTP level clustering, AXIS for J2EE Web Services, and Struts for the management console.

At the end of the presentation, the attendee will have a complete knowledge of the JOnAS features, and of its architecture. In addition, the JOnAS ease of use will also be illustrated through the panel of open source J2EE development environments, plugins and related tools that may be used with JOnAS.
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