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News [ 16-02-2004 ]
Tcl/Tk at FOSDEM 2004

Tcl/Tk Developer's Room at FOSDEM 2004 - Friday Feeding Frenzy, Final Schedule

Final Updates

  1. Final schedule is online. Events are scheduled for all hours the room is available. Check at the Tcl Developer's Room for any last minute modifications.
  2. There will be a Friday Feeding Frenzy for Tcler's and friends
    We've reserved space atChez Leon,
    Click here for further information, maps, to register for the event, etc. If you'd like to join us, please register, so we can reserve more space if we need to.

The FOSDEM 2004 Tcl/Tk Developer's Room
The Ticklish Invasion

In the 20th century, Tcl introduced the concept of a generalized interpreter you could embed within any compiled application, and Tk introduced the idea that you don't need to write a GUI in immutable "C" code with Motif or Xt libraries.

Tcl and Tk allowed developers to create hybrid applications with interpreted code and compiled libraries that were fast to develop and agile in operation. EDA, Cad-Cam, testing and other developers flocked to Tcl and products hit the market in less time than the original estimates.

With easy hooks to compiled code, and a modern Motif appearance, Tk brought GUI creation to the masses. No more struggling with Graphics Contexts and functions with 15 arguments. A few simple lines, and the GUI was done.

In the 21st century, Tcl has matured into a stable, industrial grade language used by organizations like Oracle, Cisco, IBM, AOL, NASA, ESA, Sprint, Deutsche Telecom, Siemens and General Electric. Tcls support for large-scale applications, internationalization, and cross-platform compatibility is second to none.

Tk, however still looks like Motif.

Like, how 20-th Century.

But, it doesn't have to be this way. Tk comes with hooks to change the look and feel, many new widgets have been developed, new options have been added to the old widgets, and more.

The Tcl community is reworking Tk to bring it into the 21st century. From simple things like a new set of defaults for fonts and borders to new widgets and application frameworks, Tk's new day is dawning.

We thank the FOSDEM organizers for letting use this room to brainstorm what needs to be done, share what we've learned, develop new ideas, and show off a little.

Here's the ad-hoc Tcl/Tk Developer's Room Schedule

Visit the Tk Revitalization Project

And definitely visit the Tcl/Tk Developer's room at the 2004 FOSDEM.

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