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News [ 17-01-2004 ]
Welcome to the openMosix 2004 Summit

The openMosix community is organising its own meeting at Fosdem 2004.

Everybody interested in openMosix, developers, users, enthusiasts. This is the ideal time for developers to meet the users and the users to meet the developers :) Meet in real life, not on irc or by mail.
At the openMosix Summit, key developers and users can discuss the project's future directions and decide on important new features and the deployment roadmap.

News [ 17-01-2004 ]
Moshe Bar presents openMosix Summit Keynote

Moshe Bar will present the openMosix Summit Keynote at Fosdem 2004

Moshe Bar, project leader of the openMosix project, CTO of Qlusters and author of multiple Linux related publications will present the Keynote titled openMosix State of the Art, at the openMosix Summit 2004 at Fosdem.

News [ 17-01-2004 ]
Matthias Rechenburg at Fosdem 2004

Matthias Rechenburg will talk about Monitoring and Administrating openMosix Clusters

Matthias Rechenburg , author of openMosixview , will talk about Administrating openMosix Clusters.

News [ 15-02-2004 ]
gomd, the General openMosix Deamon

Gian Paolo Ghilardi introducing "gomd, the general openMosix daemon" at the openMosix-Meeting / Fosdem 2004 February 21-22 2004 in Brussels

.His talk will be about the gomd-project, its gains and features, how to usethe gomd on an openMosix cluster, the current status and future plans.Many thanks Gian Paolo, we are happy to have you on board as an additional highlight at the openMosix meeting.
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