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GNUStep developers room

More details:

In this room, developers involved in the GNUstep project will meet and hold a meeting.

GNUstep is a free object-oriented platform, based on the original OpenStep API; it runs on a wide variety of platforms, and aims at both freedom (in the sense of free software) and technical excellence; it has a very long history as a project, and it's finally reaching full maturity. The API is the same as the API of the Apple Mac OS X Cocoa environment (currently the preferred development environment on Apple systems), which is another reason why GNUstep is an attractive option in the area of free development frameworks.

Anyone interested in the subject is welcome to attend the meeting; we have planned a few (quite informal) presentations on specific subjects, and ample space for open discussion (and unorganized chatting) between developers.

The main GNUstep event will take place on Saturday 8 February; the following is the schedule of the event at the time of writing (22 Jan 2003); please consult the event webpage for more information.

Saturday 8 February 2003:

  • 2pm: Free meeting and unorganized chatting
  • 3pm: Presentation: Helge Hess talks about "Skyrix-xml: SAX, DOM, XML-RPC and GNUstep" (expected to last around half an hour)

  • 3.45pm: Presentation: Nicola Pero talks about "Renaissance: the new portable XML GUI framework for GNUstep" (expected to last around half an hour)

  • 4.30pm: Presentation: Stefan Boheringer talks about "A linux clustering project built using GNUstep" (expected to last around 20 minutes)

  • 5pm: Open Discussion about GNUstep present state and future (chairman: Richard Frith-Macdonald)

We are looking forward to meeting you at FOSDEM !

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will take place
on February 8 - 9 2003
in Brussels...

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