Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023



Jean-Philippe MENGUAL has been a free software user since 2004 and started contributing in 2008. Maintainer of LFS translation into French until 2016, he was the president of, an organization aiming to gather all the translations of free software into French if not attached to a project. As a Debian developer (2019), he now translates package descriptions and manual pages for the Linux kernel.

In parallel, he is an accessibility tester and user of graphiacl interfaces when accessible. To help promoting accessibility in free software and free software as solution for persons far from the digital or with a disability, he created Hypra in 2015. Accessibility is one of his major activity between 2004 and today, via many projects (LSM, FOSDEM devroom in 2011, various talks in France)



Title Day Room Track Start End
Building an atractive way in an old infra for new translators Sunday AW1.120 Translations 15:10 15:40