Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Sylvain Pollet-Villard

Photo of Sylvain Pollet-Villard

Sylvain is working as a Developer Advocate at Worldline, specialized in front-end web development. He loves JavaScript, for the good and the mad, and created several popular JS open source projects such as ObjectModel and PostCSS-Grid-Kiss. In his free time, he is also doing creative coding, code golf and gamejams.

I have been doing open source and web dev for about 15 years now. I worked on various business projects as a developer, lead developer then consultant. Now I am part of the core team at Worldline dedicated to Community Advocacy and Developer Relations, which implies organizing and animating technical conferences in my company, giving conferences and courses in universities, and working on tools that help the developers community globally, and in particular event organizers and speakers.

On the personal side, I'm a writer/moderator on for the JavaScript section. I created several open source projects, and some of them have been quite popular. I published a book in 2012 about Adaptive & Responsive Web Design, named "Créer un seul site pour toutes les plates-formes". I love the web and I love to code, also I take any opportunity to share knowledge and help other developers succeed in their projects.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Strong Dynamic Type Checking for JavaScript
Where TypeScript is helpless, JavaScript Proxies come to the rescue!
Sunday UB5.230 JavaScript 11:30 11:55