Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Ranny Haiby

Photo of Ranny Haiby

Ranny is in charge of driving technical innovation further, creating opportunities for synergies among open source projects, and identifying emerging trends and projects.

Ranny is a software veteran who has been focusing on pushing the envelope in open source innovation in recent years. Prior to joining the Linux Foundation Ranny was a director at Samsung Research America, leading the open source group. He provided leadership and guidance for engineering teams across Samsung who were actively contributing to open source projects such as ONAP, CNCF, ROS, and Matter (CHIP). Prior to that Ranny served as a Principal System Architect in the Nokia CloudBand product group where he led the design of network automation systems serving the telecom industry. His previous positions include technology leadership roles in the domains of cloud computing, networking, and multimedia broadcasting. In addition to his corporate roles, Ranny has been elected by LF open source communities to the role of technical committee member and technical advisory council vice-chair.


Title Day Room Track Start End
What the energy industry can learn from how open source technology has transformed other traditional industries Saturday (online) Energy 10:40 11:15