Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Johannes Zink

After studying audiovisual media engineering Johannes worked as a network stack and product developer at a german PA systems manufacturer. Besides his chores as a software developer he also participated in the standardization of AVB (now TSN) for professional audio in the IEEE and in the AVnu-Alliance working groups. Later he worked systems engineer for a german manufacturer of Industrial and Mobile Control Solutions, where he worked as RTOS integrator, driver developer, specialist for porting the userspace application to linux, open source evangelist, software archeologist and trainer, as well as soon becoming the departments fieldbus and network specialist. In 2022 he joined the pengutronix kernel team to work on linux world domination in full-time. Johannes likes to fix borken network stacks, disect network protocols to the last bit, analyze processors under the scanning electron microscope to prove hardware being defective and needing workarounds, but mostly he enjoys replacing proprietary solutions by open source. Telling him that using open source is not feasible for a certain problem encourages him to prove you wrong.


Title Day Room Track Start End
So you want to build a deterministic networking system
A gentle introduction to Time Sensitive Networking
Sunday H.1301 (Cornil) Network 11:15 11:45