Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Jiewen Yao

Photo of Jiewen Yao

Jiewen Yao is a Principal Engineer in Intel corporation. He has been working in system firmware for 18 years. His major focus is firmware security, including but not limited to TPM based Measured Boot, Secure Boot, Firmware Resiliency (Secure Firmware Update and Recovery), Intel Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) virtual firmware, SPDM device attestation etc. Currently, Jiewen is the maintainer of TDX virtual firmware - TDVF and td-shim project, UEFI sample implementation - EDKII (CryptoPkg, SecurityPkg, OvmfPkg) open source project and DMTF SPDM sample implementation - libspdm open source project. He delivered the technical talks in public conferences including UEFI Webinar, Open Source Firmware Conference (OSFC), Linux Plumber Conference, Linux Security Summit. Jiewen is the first author of the book “Building Secure Firmware” and holds about 40 US patents.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Rust based Shim-Firmware for confidential container Saturday D.confidential (online) Confidential Computing 13:00 13:25