Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Etienne Dilocker

Photo of Etienne Dilocker

Prior to co-founding and building up SeMI Technologies - the company behind the open-source vector search engine Weaviate - Etienne worked as a Freelance Software Engineer with a focus on building, fast, reliable, and scaling software. As part of this journey, he temporarily joined new and established software teams as a full stack engineer or tech lead to help them build better applications faster. Through various projects, ranging from European startups, SMEs, and large-scale enterprise companies, Etienne managed to get to know a wide array of technologies covering the full stack from backend to frontend to DevOps, as well as meeting, working with, and leading engineers and stakeholders. Industries covered include retail, wholesale, e-commerce, finance, broadcasting, and software. The one thing that tied all projects together is the following mindset: Get applications to production fast, and make sure once in production applications are fast, reliable, observable, and scalable.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Our Mad Journey of Building a Vector Database in Go
Building a Database in Go
Saturday UD2.218A Go 16:00 16:30