Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Denny Biasiolli

Photo of Denny Biasiolli

A developer for many years, he enjoys contributing to open source projects and loves long and exhausting sports, such as triathlon, mountain running and software development :)

Developer and trail runner, he enjoys both coding and hitting the trails. When he's not busy turning lines of code into beautiful and functional applications, you can find him running through the mountains and breathing in the fresh air. He is a firm believer that a healthy mind and body lead to better coding, so he tries to balance his love for technology with a love for the great outdoors. Just remember: if you can't find him at his desk, he's probably out for a run!



Title Day Room Track Start End
Is it time to migrate to Vue 3?
TLDR: it depends
Sunday UB5.230 JavaScript 13:00 13:25