Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Bartosz Golaszewski

Bartosz Golaszewski has over 14 years of engineering experience in the embedded systems domain ranging from low-level, real-time operating systems, through the linux kernel up to user-space plumbing, libraries and build systems. Bartosz has contributed hundreds of patches to multiple open-source projects and is the linux kernel maintainer for the GPIO subsystem.

Bartosz has worked on international projects in a broad range of fields: bleeding edge consumer electronics, IoT, high availability systems and military applications. He has contributed significant changes to several open-source projects including the linux kernel, busybox, buildroot, the yocto project, sigrok and many others. Bartosz maintains libgpiod - a C library for interacting with the GPIO character device for linux - and the GPIO subsystem in the linux kernel and currently works for linaro.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Don't blame devres - devm_kzalloc() is not harmful
Use-after-free bugs in drivers and what to do about them.
Sunday UA2.220 (Guillissen) Kernel 16:00 16:25