Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Alexander Schwartz

Photo of Alexander Schwartz

Alexander Schwartz is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. At work and in his spare time he codes for Open Source projects. In a previous job he worked as a software architect and IT consultant. At conferences and at user groups he talks about JavaScript front ends, Java back ends, Kubernetes, APIs and how to run this in a maintainable way.

He's an active member of the AsciiDoc and Antora communities, and represents Red Hat on the AsciiDoc Working Group Steering Committee at the Eclipse Foundation. I'm the maintainer of the OpenSource AsciiDoc plugin for IntelliJ that provides both AsciiDoc and Antora support:



Title Day Room Track Start End
Creating a content pipeline with Antora
Using AsciiDoc content for the website and other downstream processes
Sunday D.collab (online) Collaboration and Content Management 11:00 11:45