Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Adam Wieckowski

Photo of Adam Wieckowski

Adam Wieckowski is a head of the Video Coding Systems group at Fraunhofer HHI, where he leads the development of the VVC implementation projects.

Adam Wieckowski received the M.Sc. degree in computer engineering from the Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany, in 2014.

In 2016, he joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, as a Research Assistant. He coordinated the development of HHIs’ VVC proposal software, which later became the basis for VVC software test model VTM. Furthermore, he made several technical contributions to the standardization of VVC.

Since 2019, he has been a Project Manager coordinating the technical development of decoder and encoder solutions for the VVC standard, VVdeC, and VVenC, and since 2022, he is heading the Video Coding Systems group together with Benjamin Bross. His research interests include video coding, information theory, complexity reduction, and computer science.



Title Day Room Track Start End
VVenC & VVdeC: Open source video encoding and playback for VVC
H.264/AVC – x264, H.265/HEVC – x265, H.266/VVC – VVenC? History, current state, and ecosystem around open source VVC implementations.
Saturday K.3.401 Open Media 13:30 13:55