Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Fedora Asahi

Fedora for Apple SIlicon

This talk will introduce one of the latest Fedora Remixes, the Asahi Fedora Remix! Asahi Fedora Remix exists to assist the Asahi community with Apple Silicon upstreaming and to provide a nifty ARM-based Fedora Workstation for those that own Apple Silicon hardware. We will discuss packages we have forked: kernel, kernel-edge, mesa. Some of the new characteristics of this distro include, 16k page size, a kernel built with rust drivers and hence a kernel built with clang/LLVM. We will show some performance results against some other x86 and aarch64 machines.

On the community side, we will discuss some core values we try our best to abide by, such as our "upstream everything" attitude.


Photo of Eric Curtin Eric Curtin