Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Vincent Rubiolo

Photo of Vincent Rubiolo

Vincent holds a Master Degree in Engineering from the French Ecole des Mines de Nantes and has been in the computing, embedded and cloud industry for 15 years.

He initially joined Windriver Systems in Vannes to work on the debugging tools for the VxWorks operating system (dynamic module loading, multiprocessing, shells and interpreters).

In 2013, he relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to join the Windriver Hypervisor team, followed by several years as a tech lead on the avionics-certified/DO-178C version of VxWorks. In addition to the C and assembly languages, he could practice his knowledge of Python.

After that, he got the opportunity to join Datameer, an SF startup developing a new Apache Spark big data project. Part of the Datameer San Francisco engineering team, he built the cloud-enabled platform for this new tool using Java, React and Kubernetes (along with Helm and Terraform) running over Amazon EKS and Google GKE. It it this mix of cloud-based experience, along with the technical knowledge in the embedded industry that Vincent brings to Iot Bzh as Cloud Architect.

Vincent has been using Linux and free software for more than 17 years, his position at IoT Bzh thus presented a great opportunity to use those skills in a professional context. On the side, he is also a maker at heart, with a passion for 3D printing, additive manufacturing and electronics.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Using Ansible and Proxmox to manage an embedded RPM distro build factory: lessons learned Saturday D.infra Infra Management 12:00 12:45