Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Tim Panton

Photo of Tim Panton

Tim is the CTO at |pipe| - which built and licenses a lightweight cleanroom WebRTC stack for IoT devices. Prior to |pipe| he cofounded a web-based telephony company and subsequently sold the IPR to Tropo Inc., which was then acquired by Cisco. Before that, Tim was technical cofounder of Westpoint, a web security company recently acquired by Capita. Tim writes all the |pipe| software and manages product development and - leveraging all this experience - he helps define WebRTC standards at the W3C and IETF

He has spoken at various conferences, and one Youtube talk on webRTC has 100k views.

During the pandemic he built a bunch of video call apps for social good, under the banner of These include: an SMS triggered 1-2-1 mobile call app, a yoga teaching app with music, a pre-sales virtual visit app for conference centres - and many more.

Past projects have included training simulation for oil platforms, time management of a space telescope and running a mobile phone network at the Burning Man festival.

He can often be found tinkering with smol robots.


Title Day Room Track Start End
The Future of WebRTC
New APIs, WHIP, edge and web 2.5
Saturday M.rtc Real Time Communications 11:00 11:45