Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Steven Goodwin

Photo of Steven Goodwin

For the last 25 years Steven Goodwin (London, England) has been professionally involved in both the community and development environment for Linux, Free Software, and Open Source. His first articles in Linux Magazine in 2001 began a long partnership where he brought the C programming language to the newsstand, demonstrated home automation, and uncovered command line power tools.

His position as an industry thought leader includes 60+ articles, 5 books, and work as a start-up consultant, futurist, and mentor. As a speaker and commentator he has spoken at many major national, and international, conferences around the world on topics as diverse as WebRTC, HTML5, game development, and quantum superpositions.

He is also the author of crowdfunding effort called "20 GOTO 10", which discussed retro computers and the numbers that bind them together.

As a FOSDEM stalwart he has attended them all, written the 'FOSDEM diary', and given nearly 20 different talks with two outings on the Janson stage, including the 20th anniversary closing keynote.

His interests outside of computers, also involve computers!



Title Day Room Track Start End
Getting 1K Chess for the ZX81 online
Or, how I used $2 Billion of internet infrastructure to run 672 bytes of code, from 1982
Saturday D.retro Retrocomputing 10:05 10:30