Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Stephane Carrez

Photo of Stephane Carrez

Graduated from ISEP (Paris) in 1990, St├ęphane worked on real-time embedded systems as well as on high end application servers. Since 2000, St├ęphane has also remained active in the Open Source community where he participated to the gcc, gdb and binutils development on the 68HC11 toolchain. Since 2009, he has created several Ada Open Source projects showcasing his Java J2EE expertise in the Ada community. His interests include systems architecture, software design, security, performance and... coding.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Porion a new Build Manager Sunday D.cicd Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 15:35 16:00
Implementing a Build Manager in Ada Sunday D.ada Ada 17:05 17:30