Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Philippe Coval

Photo of Philippe Coval

For years, Philippe Coval is acting as professional OpenSource Engineer, but he has been involved into software communities since his teenage "Amiga" years.

Over decades, he has contributed to many projects from operating systems (Debian, MeeGo, Tizen) to IoT frameworks (IoTivity, WebThings) and more.

Creative mind he also shared many proof of concepts in various domains at various occasions (FOSDEM, ELC, MozFest...),

Currently an Astrolabe consultant he is mainly working for Huawei Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) on the Oniro project and always happy to help and open for new cooperation.

Feel free to connect to him at:



Title Day Room Track Start End
LVGL: A versatile UI toolkit for MCU & CPU
An UI framework for Eclipse Oniro a cross kernel OS
Sunday Graphics 10:00 10:45
Oniro Blueprints for IoT devices
From open-source seeds to products
Sunday D.embedded Embedded, Mobile and Automotive 13:30 14:00