Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Nicolas Caramelli

Photo of Nicolas Caramelli

Nicolas Caramelli is enthusiast about backends used for graphics and video rendering on GNU/Linux systems, especially for use on embedded systems.

Nicolas is the author of:

fbmark, benchmarks to test and measure the performance of the Linux Framebuffer device,

yagears, another version of the popular OpenGL gears demo (with support for multiple graphics backends like GLX, DirectFBGL, GLFBDev, EGL interfaces), offering a Vulkan port (with support for multiple WSI like DirectFB, XCB, Wayland, D2D) and a version based on graphical user interfaces (such as GLUT, GTK+, Qt, SDL),

HiGFXback (History of graphics backends), a Linux from scratch distribution allowing to switch between different graphical backends (Linux Framebuffer, DirectFB, X11, Wayland, KMS/DRM) on the same system,

DirectFB2, a fork of the DirectFB project to revive it on embedded systems.

Nicolas has also contributed to different projects, sometimes just with small changes (EGL, Vulkan, SwiftShader, SDL2, GLFW, FFmpeg, ...).


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Back to DirectFB!
The revival of DirectFB with DirectFB2
Saturday D.embedded Embedded, Mobile and Automotive 13:00 13:30