Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Muhammad Saleem

Photo of Muhammad  Saleem

An independent researcher and lead researcher at a self-funded research lab called Open GIScience Research lab. Muhammad graduate with MSc in Spatial Engineering from faculty of ITC. He started the research project OSM Utopia in 2021, which aims in rethinking and redefining different conceptualizations of data quality for Open source geotechnologies and OSM is in the center of his focus.

From Computer Science to Civil Engineering to Spatial Science to Quality Management Systems. Muhammad is now combining his expertise to conduct his own project for humanitarian cause and to improve the open data available for the global south. Muhammad is trying to explore the possibility of creating new ways of REthinking spatial data quality for Open Source geodata technologies.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Open Geodata Digital Spaces
Exploring the digital spaces of OpenStreetMap
Sunday D.geospatial Geospatial 12:00 12:30