Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Max Leonard Inden

Photo of Max Leonard Inden

Max is a software developer interested in distributed systems, type theory and consensus. At Protocol Labs he is stewarding the peer-to-peer networking project libp2p ( He is maintaining the libp2p Rust implementation. Previously Max has been working on the monitoring system Prometheus as a core maintainer, focusing on its integration within the Kubernetes orchestrator.

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Title Day Room Track Start End
Peer-to-peer hole punching without centralized infrastructure
How libp2p can traverse NATs and firewalls without coordination through central STUN and TURN servers.
Sunday Network 14:00 14:20
State of libp2p
Status quo and future roadmap of the peer-to-peer networking library libp2p.
Sunday D.web3 Web3 Infrastructure 15:00 15:30