Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Josef Holzmayr

Photo of Josef Holzmayr

Josef has been active for more than 15 years as a "Completeā€-Stack developer for industrial controls by now. He's done everything from debugging hardware to writing drivers, from application development to web frontends.

A passion for showing, telling and teaching people in a both entertaining and engaging way led Josef to, where he tries to make the world a better, and more secure place by enabling OTA updates for as many devices as possible.

Taking this passion, combining it with a keen interest in build systems and how they can be brought to the next generation of developers, Josef has been awarded Yocto Project Ambassador status and is a practicing Gitpod Community Hero.

As such, Josef has also reached many thousands of aspiring developers not only through his presentations at various events and conferences but also by livecoding sessions and webinars.

Josef holds a degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences, Ingolstadt.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Five mysteries in Embedded Linux Saturday D.embedded Embedded, Mobile and Automotive 12:30 13:00