Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Harlan Wood

Photo of Harlan Wood

Harlan is architect of TrustGraph and Core Network, and cofounder of Superluminal Systems. Programming since 1984, Harlan has been a hands-on engineer, Architect and CTO for 20+ years, on engineering teams in San Francisco and New York. He collaborated with the Rebooting the Web of Trust consortium, prototyping and evolving systems for trust and reputation for decentralized applications. He cofounded CoMakery as CTO, to help foster a new economy based on lightweight project membrane topologies. He is architect of the open source TrustGraph project, an interchange format for ratings and reputation. He has spoken on emerging technologies at the Internet Archive’s inaugural Decentralized Web Summit, the UPLIFT Festival in Australia, the Federated Social Web Summit and the associated DWebCamp in California.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Decentralized Self Sovereign Trust Graphs Saturday D.web3 Web3 Infrastructure 10:00 10:30